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Short Bio:
Svetlana “Lana” Yarosh is an HCI researcher at AT&T Research Labs in New Jersey. She was born in Moscow, Russia and immigrated to America with her family in 1995. She received two Bachelors of Science from University of Maryland (in Computer Science and Psychology) and recently graduated from the Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. program at Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research falls primarily in the area of Human-Computer Interaction, with a focus on Ubiquitous and Social Computing and a special interest in Child-Computer Interaction. Her goal is to design systems that enhance strong-tie social relationships to create stronger families, support individual health and wellbeing, and provide a stage for personal and community growth. Her work has been featured on CNN, has won multiple innovation competitions, and has been recognized with a Fran Allen Ph.D. Fellowship Award. Lana is honored to have been the recipient of numerous grants and scholarships including the AT&T Research Labs Graduate Fellowship, the IBM Graduate Fellowship, and the Nokia University Funding Award.

My News:

  • Apr 3rd: I have accepted a faculty position in CS at University of Minnesota!
  • Feb 13th: My CU Engineering talk is on Vimeo, check it out!
  • Dec 3rd: My paper on ABCCT validation is one of the four best papers at CSCW 2014!
  • Nov 28th: I’m co-organizing a workshop on Tech for Major Life Events, just accepted to CHI 2014
  • Aug 25th: My paper on ABCCT validation has been accepted to CSCW 2014!
  • Aug 18th-20th: I’m at the CSCW 2014 PC meeting in Philadelphia!
  • July 29th-31st: I’m at DSST 2013 at University of Maryland.
  • July 23rd: One of my projects, Availabowls, has been covered by Fast Company!
  • June 24th: I’m at IDC 2013 in NYC all week!
  • June 2nd: I’m now an AC for CSCW 2014
  • May 20th: I will be an AC on the “Specific Applications” CHI 2014 subcommittee
  • May 5th: At CHI2013, co-organizing a workshop on Designing for Diverse Families and presenting a paper on technology in 12-step fellowships
  • Apr 12th: HuffPost is running one of my blog posts!
  • Apr 3rd: Demoed at AT&T Innovation Showcase, see eWeek and Laptop
  • Feb 24th: Found out that my CHI2013 paper received an Honorable Mention Award!
  • Feb 22nd: I am at CSCW2013 presenting two papers and a video
  • Jan 22nd: Gave a talk at Stevens ECE Seminar on “HCI as a Way of Inventing”
  • Dec 10th: My paper on technology in 12-step fellowships will be at CHI2013!
  • Dec 5th: Found out that the ShareTable video will be featured in CSCW2013 video showcase. Get a preview: bit.ly/YOWQjr
  • Nov 18th: I feel very appreciated right now! AT&T Research highlighted my work and my blog: soc.att.com/Wfa9nI and soc.att.com/SFlMTv
  • Oct 17th: Two papers accepted to CSCW2013, one about the field deployment of the ShareTable and one about finding help in the workplace :-)

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