Contact Me

Email: (preferred contact for all inquiries)
Phone: 443-622-4020 (emergencies only, please)
Mailing Address: 4-192 Keller Hall, 200 Union St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
In-Person: 5-187 Keller Hall (address above, calendar below)

In order to be fair to all those seeking my time, I institute daily office hours. During office hours, I am available to speak to any student, faculty member, press, etc. about any topic. Outside of these hours, I am busy focusing on my research and teaching, so please do make the effort to seek me out during this specially scheduled time. Time and location of office hours may change on a weekly basis, however. So, please, double check my availability on the calendar below before planning to meet.

These hours are first come, first serve. To get a general idea of how busy a given time will be, you can check this document. If you know you’re planning to come on a particular day, feel free to put your name on it to help me know how busy it will be. However, if my door is open, even if I am speaking with somebody, you should come in and sit on the couch. You may hear something that will be useful in your own work (or maybe even have something to offer to help the other student!). If the door is closed, hang out in the common area outside my office, I’ll be with you soon.