Here, Have Some Storyboard Templates

An example of a storyboard template sketch included in the file.

[Storyboard Templates File]

Just a short post this week. I’m settling into my new AWESOME job at AT&T Research Labs and figuring out what I should and shouldn’t blog (you know, IP and all that). In the meantime, I wanted to throw some storyboarding templates out, in case somebody will find them useful. These are ultra-sketchy, so you can customize with sketchy pics of your gadgets and interfaces. The file includes a PowerPoint with a 4-panel storyboard template and a few images that I’ve created and used in the past few months. These should be general enough to suit most needs, but if you really need something else, I can do a custom if you ping me a few days before you need it.

I found that these types of storyboards are useful in quickly communicating the basics of an interactive system to the user because they encourage presenting a compelling use case scenario rather than just wireframes of the interface. Since the boards are so low fidelity, you can get away with fairly vague specifications of the GUI. In my experience, this leads users to give feedback about how the system would fit (or not fit) into their lives rather than commenting on something like the color of the buttons.

These sketches are free for you to use as you see fit, but do let me know if you find them useful, as that is always encouraging to hear.

At Eugene’s request, here are thumbnails of all the template images you get:

Thumbnails of the 10 images in the template file.

[Storyboard Templates File]